Rino Antonello
63 Years of uninterrupted activity and a refined passion for hotel art

Rino Antonello, Albergo Roma FOUNDER

Rino Antonello
Hotel keeper and restaurateur at a very young age, he works at a fast pace proposing a traditional cuisine with local specialties..

On Tuesday and Friday, Vicenza-style cod, fried fish, tripe soup and stewed tripe. And lots of weddings in the evening, with reservations even made a year before. In the 70s the qualitative leap that takes him to a high level: on the fourth floor of the hotel Roma in the center of Castelfranco Veneto. Now the restaurant, after 63 years of uninterrupted activity, can pass into the hands of his son, a natural heir of refined passion for catering and hotel art.

Sergio Antonello
A true generational passage of our family that thinks about the future by giving value to history..

 Sergio Antonello, Albergo Roma Owner

Sergio Antonello
Finally a complete hotel thanks to the integration of a restaurant at an excellent culinary level. A feature that was particularly missing here in the center of Castelfranco.

Our family thinks of the future by giving value to history. Tradition, but always with an eye on the near future. I manage the restaurant by availing myself of the precious collaboration of Giuseppe Agostini and chef Walter Pegoraro, dedicating more of my commitment to the hotel also because in the restaurant field I can count on a valid generational change represented by my daughter Alice.

Alice Antonello
Unconditional love and dedication to this work from an early age

Alice Antonello, Terrazza Roma Director

Alice Antonello
The future: Alice, born into a family of hoteliers and restaurateurs who have always transmitted her love and dedication to this job since she was a child.

Very young, since 2016 he has taken over the management of the restaurant and is very proud of his important role. Today she is very satisfied with her work and the valid support that she has been able to provide to her family. Furthermore, with his great commitment he immediately became a point of reference for customers and for all his staff.

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