St. Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day occurs annually on February 14th. In our day it is known and celebrated all over the world in many cultures. . Its origins lie in the fourth century and was created to replace pagan rites related to the celebration of the Luperco faun. These rites were celebrated on February 15 and included unbridled […]


“A jump in the past” This dish, know as “bollito” is a classic of our tradition, and especially widespread in Padana area. Once time it was used just for special event, and it wasconsidered a gorgeous meal. Usually the peasant put the pot of water on fire to prepare the “brodo” (broth), an important produtc […]

A winter flower meets Valpolicella wine

Our typical products of Veneto, where a flower is enhanced: Treviso chicory, a gem of our kitcens. In the times it has become remarkable, and in the past it was used like a ornamental plant on patrician gardens. During the time Treviso chicory has become an important ingredient of this season and known in all […]

Scallops with foie gras


Our traditions still strike The typical animal of our old court, it became the queen of our table, it’s used every part. To vary my creativity in this year I practiced in different cooking, using all part of the goose: the chest, thighs and the offal. Since the egyptians it was used for culinary art, […]

Il castello

It’s Christmas !! Our new seasonal menu

A white Xmas in our Territory At this time of the year we have thought of new proposals to tickle the curiosity and the excitement of tasting our specialties. The radicchio is the protagonist and we can find it marinated on appetizers or with a good Amarone for an excellent risotto to be enjoyed by […]